three beautiful machines: the El Bandito, the CZ Sidepipe, and the Cappra 360

The phone rings and it's Bultaco Man Roger Landberg- aka Hot Dog. He has a secret test track his place west of Olympia, and as it turns out the Kauai Boys are coming by to stay over - this is a few days before the AHRMA National at the Farm. The Kauai Boys are Pierre Andrade and his brothers. These guys were very fast riders in Hawaiian Islands, and having discovered Vintage Motocross a few years back began to appear at big races in the Northwest. And as usual with Vintage Motocrossers also the most decent guys you'll ever meet. So it was that I was invited to come and spend a day testing three 1969 Motocross Bikes, side by side, and comparing notes with veteran riders.

I got there before they did, and on a quiet Wednesday afternoon started the El Bandito- the one that is Roger's. In typical fashion I was about to start the bike with my regular running shoes on, but a little voice in my head said remember what happened when you tried to start the CZ400 in tennis shoes? So I leaned it on the garage and went and got into my boots. next page

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