For the bikes that fall though the crack between Vintage and Evolution. (about 1975-1976) For example the first year Yamaha Monoshocks, and 76 Honda Elsinores were advanced in their time, (however brief) but are illegal in Vintage, and get crushed in Evolution. To keep this class fun, and even we are going to scrutinize the entries pretty closely -

if you have a question about whether you bike qualifies, just ASK. This is for these specific models, not regular Vintage Bikes, and obviously not the newer Evo Bikes.
And this list is incomplete, so bear with us. Here's where we are now:

the Trans-Am Class is for the following two-strokes









Bultacos 1975 to 1976
Bultaco 1977
Cam Am MX2 / TNT / Qualifier
CZ 514
Hodaka Thunderdog / Road Toad / SL175
1975 & 1976 Honda CR 250
1976 CR 125
(1975 CR125 is Vintage only)
1975-7 MR & MT Models
Honda 1978 Elsinores
Husqvarna 75-76
stock frame & setup - ie steel triples, stock 13 inch shocks & stock travel
no leading axle forks
Kawasaki 1976 Models
Penton / KTM
74.5 & 75 Models (laid down shocks)
Maico 1975 (New Generation)
Maico AW Models
Montesa V-75 / Enduro
Montesa VA / VB
Suzuki RM 125M (piston port)
no leading axle forks
PE models to '77
Suzuki RM 125A and B
Yamaha 75 B Models / 76 C Models
stock IT 175D/E -
Yamaha YZ D Models

below: Damon Sullivan on his gleaming '75 250 Enduro Montesa