For the bikes that fall though the crack between Classic and Sportsman, or Pre70 and Vintage. (about 1968-1972) For example the Sidepipe CZ, the DT1 Yamaha, right-hand shift Husqvarnas are beautiful bikes, but are largely outclassed in Sportsman & Vintage, but not legal for Classic or Pre70. The Inter-Am Class will allow Premier, Classic & Pre70 Bikes, but also includes
up to the following.....

American Eagle/Tyran/Sprite 250, 360, 405
AJS 250/370/410 Stormer
BSA B44 B50
Bultaco Models up to 1972
-- (Model 86 87 89)
CZ : up to Sidepipers 250/360
Ducati 250/350/450
Greeves 250/360/380
Honda SL/CL 250/360 4-Stroke, stock frame only

Harley-Davidson Sprint 250/350,
Husqvarna 250 '68-71 /400 Oval Case, RH Shift (= 4 speed)
Kawasaki Bighorn & F/G-Series 175 - 350,

Maico Square & Oval barrell
Montesa 250/360 43M - 63M

OSSA Stiletto (no Phantoms)
Suzuki TS185, 250, 400
Yamaha CT1, DT1, RT1,

no reeds, GYT Kits ok, period mods ok

Inter-Am Class waiting on the line at H&T Round 1
















but your honor, I never noticed that thing....
Reed Cage

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