Q: What IS Vintage? A: VINTAGE means model year 1974, and older.
Aftermarket pipes / tires / bars / pistons are fine. But no Flat Slide Carbs in VINTAGE (just like Ahrma)
Suspension limits are 7 inches front, 4 rear. No long-travel or monoshock bikes.
NOTE: this is NOT a race day schedules- it's a LIST of CLASSES offered; the race day skedj comes out on race day
The Spirit of Vintage
H&T / VDR prides itself on having a simple rulebook. If you don't see a specific rule against some modern components, do not asssume it is OK. In this scenario, the referee will make a decision. Does Ahrma allow it? If not then it is very likely not OK. Ask the referee
VINTAGE Classes : Evolution Bikes not allowed in Vintage Classes
XR75 ( for Honda XR75s & XR80s) (Riders must be 12 or younger)
Schoolboy ( for half size 2-Strokes & hotrod XRs) (Riders must be 15 or younger)

Inter-Am Class Class made for the bikes that fall though the crack between Classic and Sportsman, or Pre70 and Vintage. (1968-1972) - this replaces the old Pre70 Class- and includes ANYTHING older as well. HOWEVER, STUDY THE RULES IN DETAIL

SPECIFICS about Inter-Am Class

Vintage 100 (100 = 100 • Amateur 100 Class is Production 100cc Bikes, No Big Bores the class created as a transition for youngsters too old and big for XR75s. I.E. no 4-stroke overbores, No Arms Race)

INTERMEDIATE & EXPERT 100 Classes - vintage & evo - will allow 120cc four strokes, in line with Ahrma's Rule.

125 (up to 125cc, 4-Strokes allowable to 150) (Riders must be 13 or older)
250 (175s & 250s - 4-Strokes allowable to 300) (Riders must be 13 or older)
Open (350s and up) (Riders must be 13 or older)
e.g. 125s & 250s not allowed in Open
rider age classes: (+ explanation)
"Open Age" - (was +30) (still no riders under 13)
+40 (no riders under 40)
+50 (no riders under 50)
+60 (no riders under 60)
other classes
Four-Stroke (no 2-Strokes) (Riders must be 13 or older)
Women (non-Men) (Riders must be 13 or older)

This rules page gets adjusted whenever a distinction needs to be made.
Volkwagen Buses are air cooled / drum brakes / no linkage - and we have no rule against it, so it's allowed, right?

Use common sense : keep your bike in the spirit of Vintage Racing.

Evolution Rules here

the INTER-AM Class in case you missed it...