Classic Shootout 1969
the Editor Tests Three Motocross Bikes
from the Summer of 69

Joe Stagg's Cool Videos

with RACER X Publisher Scott Wallenberg

The Greatest MX Photo Ever?- some months ago there
was some discussion of the greatest motocross photo ever
and it was excellent - but I had remembered ages ago seeing
this photo.... and it wasn't obvious why it was so cool right away-

in fact take a long look at the photo before you read the caption.

• Adventure Stories
the AHRMA Nationals
in Arizona (early February 2005)

CJ and Dirk Williams venture to Carnegie
to contest the AHRMA Regional

38 hours all the way
to Wittmann Arizona
for the AHRMA Nationals
at Speedworld (January 2004)

Battles with Wild Pigs
and a few fast locals on a CZ400
the AHRMA Nationals at Hollister
(October 2003)

Eugene a year later
CZ & the YZ465. (June 2003)

Insane Man whips down
to the AHRMA Race at E-Street Race
in Marysville California
to try to beat the other guy. (December 2002)

the AHRMA Race at Willow Creek
outside Madras Oregon. (September 2002)

Eugene 2002
Terretorial Raceway

Sears Point with George Eadie
(April 2002)


check out photographs from the
ISDT Reunion Ride in Combs Arkansas


Post Vintage comes to an End

The long bizarre story of how AHRMA asked a group of volunteers to put on Ahrma Races in the Northwest, why & how the Team failed to tow the party line, but focused on the needs of the Pacific Northwest,

and how over a 2-3 year period, found itself ignored,
marginalized and eventually
squeezed out by the very organization that asked them to do the job.

Editor's Husqvarna Test Day
back to back Evolution Motocross Bikes

What tools do you take Racing?
- years of research....

about Vintage Motocross
- for those who are new to the Sport

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